Computer Systems Lab
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  • The CSL provides departmental email addresses to all CS users based on their username.
  • Most CS email addresses are configured as an “alternate address” (alias) on their UW-Madison “WiscMail” ( mailbox in the UW-Madison Office 365 email system.
  • Some CS email address are configured as a “service account” in the UW-Maidson Office 365 email system.
  • For more information on UW-Madison office365, please see the UW-Madison Office 365 Knowlege Base

Thunderbird is the current recommended client on Linux workstations. Outlook is the current recommended desktop client for Windows. The DoIT recommended office365 mail client is Outlook Web Access in a brower.

Department and Campus Address Books In Thunderbird

You can configure Thunderbird to query our local directory services servers (LDAP) when operating on department networks. To do this:

  • Ctrl-Shift-B or Tools → Address Book to view your address books

  • File → New → LDAP Directory...

  • Enter the following parameters:

    CS LDAP server: CS LDAP
    Base DN: ou=People,dc=cs,dc=wisc,dc=edu
    Port number: 389
    Bind DN: Blank
    Use secure connection (SSL): Unchecked

  • Click OK

Additional Email Information:

Email Server Settings

Mailing Lists

Custom Mailing Lists

Using Gmail with CS Email Addresses

Using the CSL Authenticated SMTP Server