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Room 1240 Computer Sciences A/V Support

Room 1240 Computer Sciences A/V Support

The CSL provides basic A/V support for room 1240 Computer Sciences. For special requests, we may have to contact the A/V vendor and schedule work. Please plan in advance. Room 1240 A/V is self-service: Speakers or their hosts or event coordinator need to verify any A/V needs, reserve the room, test the A/V setup and check-out and return the key.

Support Policies and Procedures

Room Reservations

Room 1240 should be reserved using the CS Department Room Reservation System . NOTE: Room 1240 reservations after 3 PM may be pre-empted at any time with little or no notice for CS faculty candidates and other guest speakers. Reservations for this room may not be made for future semesters (only the current semester) until any CS classes that have been scheduled in Room 1240 have been entered.

Setup and Testing

If you have not used Room 1240 before, or have changed laptops, it is strongly recommended that you schedule time to test the projector and video setup in advance. If you need CSL support for a special setup, please coordinate the setup and testing with the CSL in advance (send email to Special support is on a best-effort basis: the more lead time you provide the more likely it is that support will be available and successful.

When testing the sound (including microphones) it is important for someone to check the volume and clarity in the audience area, as the sound heard at the podium is not the same volume as heard in the audience area.


Keys may be checked out at the CSL Service Desk in room 2350 CS during regular business hours. Keys should be promptly returned after the event. You can check out keys the day before the event, and return them the next day if that is convenient. Instructors teaching a course assigned to room 1240 can get a key for the semester from the CS Department Receptionist.

Problem Reports and Requests

Please report any known problems to the CSL via email to We will investigate the problem and contact the A/V vendor if necessary. Please also submit suggestions for improvements in the A/V setup and support.

Daily Check

The CSL staff check the status of the A/V equipment every morning.

Using the Projector

Note: A copy of these instructions are on the podium


  1. Turn on the podium control unit by clicking anywhere on its screen.
  2. Select the video input (Laptop1, Laptop2, HDMI, DOC CAM). The projector performs optimally when using a digital input (i.e. HDMI, Display-Port, etc.), but does not display a preview on the control panel. The HDMI cable has a yellow label, and adapters for DisplayPort, and Mini-Display Port.

Presentation Audio:

  1. If you are using HDMI video, it includes audio from your laptop. You may need to adjust your laptop audio settings the first time you use it.
  2. If you are using VGA video, you can connect the 3.5mm audio plug to the headphone jack of your device
  3. Adjust presentation volume on both the podium control panel and your computer. Please check the volume in the audience area, as the volume at the podium is not the same as in the audience.


  1. For the benefit of all participants, please use a microphone for all speakers and question-and-answer
  2. The podium microphone has a mute/unmute switch on the base.
  3. The wireless mics should be on separate channels (labeled on each mic). NOTE: There are only two wireless channels, so only two wireless mics can be used at the same time.
  4. Spare batteries can be found in the podium organizer to the right of the Document camera.
  5. Microphones can also be muted on the control panel (not recommended)


  1. Manually turn off the Document Camera, by pressing the button, waiting 1-3 seconds, and then pressing the button again when prompted
  2. Turn off the wireless mics when done, to save battery life
  3. Click the power button on the screen, and wait for the loading bar to finish; this should turn off the projector and TV’s.
  4. Please erase the whiteboard and remove extra items from the podium
  5. Ensure the lights are off (you can use the switch by the doors) and that the doors are locked on your way out.

Room 1240 Lighting

Preset # Light Setting and Typical Use Lighting Zones:
1 Default Flood, East & West Cans, Indirect, Rear Cans only
2 All Lights On at 100% All on 100%
3 Lecture with Presentation Screen Indirect, Rear Cans, East & West Cans only
4 Presentation Track and Flood only
5 Projection Screen and panel discussion Track Lighting Only
6 Projection Screen and Note-Taking East and West Cans, Indirect

Room 1240 Lighting Map

A/V components

  • Laser Projector (1920x1200 native resolution)
  • Video inputs: HDMI, VGA
  • Document Camera
  • 2 wireless microphone receivers (2 lavalier and 2 hand-held. Only 2 wireless mics can be used a time)
  • Table-top/podium mics

Lecture Capture/Recording

Room 1240 has a lecture recording capability. Please contact the CSL (send email to to schedule a recording and arrange for delivery of the video.

When recording a lecture or presentation, it is important that all speakers (and questions from the audience) use a microphone so that their voice is included in the recording. Using the microphone is also a courtesy to all attendees, some of whom may need assistance to hear the speakers.

Hybrid/Remote Events in Room 1240

Room 1240 is not currently equipment for fully interactive hybrid events. We can support streaming the event to Zoom or other online conference systems, however remote participants can not directly interact with the speaker or others in room 1240.

Pleae send email to to coordinate any hybrid/remote events scheduled for room 1240.

We are working with the A/V vendor on a possible upgrade to better support hybrid events in room 1240.