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Information for research grant proposals

Information for Research Grant Proposals

Principal Investigators may find the following information useful for submitting research grant proposals:

Research Computer Services and Facilities


  • 6 professional staff (full time)
  • 12 student staff (part time)

Data Center

  • 6,930 square feet
  • Redundant UPS and backup generator power
  • Redundant cooling


  • 40 Gbit Department backbone
  • 40/10/1 Gbit network connections in the data center
  • 1 Gbit office network connections
  • UWnet, Eduroam and custom WIFI service
  • 100 Gbit connection to UW-Madison Research Network (RBN)
  • Specialized networks/network configuration as needed for research projects
  • “Next Generation” firewall and Advanced Threat Protection security tools and monitoring

Services available include

  • Cloud computing (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Coordination with other IT service providers
  • Consulting on all IT issues
  • Virtual servers
  • Linux, Windows and specializes Operating System support
  • SAN Storage
  • AFS shared file system
  • Windows shared file system
  • Cluster and specialized file systems available
  • Data storage, archives, and backup/recovery
  • Database servers
  • Web servers
  • Data and Operational Security monitoring and consulting
  • Configuration management
  • Desktop computer support and management
  • Server support and management
  • Account management
  • Specialized Network Services and management
  • System specification and purchasing
  • Software licensing