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Cloud Services or License approval

Cloud Service or License Approval

Download Cloud/License approval request form

Approval Process

  1. Requester (responsible faculty member or instructor) submits request form
  2. Facilities Committee considers the request, asks for any additional information if necessary, and either approves or refers to the Executive Committee for further consideration.
  3. If approved, a copy of the submission and approval is saved by the CSL

Cloud Services or Software License Approval Request

Use of third-party “cloud” service providers or software licenses that have not been specifically approved by UW Purchasing or the Office of Legal Affairs are allowed in some circumstances if the Department is willing to assume the risk in the use. Requesters should understand the risk, related UW policies, and their responsibilities:

  1. Data protection: It is everyone’s responsibility to protect and manage any University data that they have access to. Data use and protection may be restricted by law, policy, license or research contract restrictions. Examples of data that have special handling requirements include any data covered by HIPAA, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), student data covered by FERPA, certain financial information, and may include data covered by an IRB approval. In addition, research contracts may require data management and protection. If the use of cloud services is approved, it is your responsibility to assure that adequate protections are in place, including data recovery and archives as appropriate.

  2. Software licenses: Any software used in the project must be properly licensed, and any restrictions on the use of the software must be complied with. Not all software licensed by the University may be used on cloud services or personally owned devices.

  3. Terms of Service restrictions: cloud service providers and software licenses require their customers to comply with their terms of service. Violating the terms of service may put the Department at risk of legal fees and damage to our reputation. It is your responsibility to assure compliance with the terms of service by all participants in your use of the service or software.

By submitting this request, you acknowledge these concerns, and accept the responsibility to assure compliance by all participants in the project.

Service or license requested:

Research project, CS course or other associated project:
Anticipated start date:
Anticipated end date:

Brief description of how the service or license will be used:
Viable alternatives considered:
Alternatives considered but not viable or appropriate for this project:

Data type, source, and any restrictions:
Provisions for data protection if applicable (access controls, encryption, etc):
Data backup provisions:

Software to be used (if applicable), and any restrictions:

Any public internet presence or significant network activity:

Other related information: