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Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services

UW-Madison has contracts with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud (CGP) and Microsoft Azure. These contracts include approved terms of service, security provisions, and automated billing.

To create a public cloud project, please contact the CSL .

The following information will be needed:

  1. A name for the project (must be only lowercase letters, digits, and hyphens)

  2. The project ID (fund) to charge

  3. billing alert threshold (monthly for AWS and Google, annual for Azure)

  4. A brief high-level overview of the intended use of this cloud account

  5. A brief high-level overview of the research project

  6. Will you be using any restricted or sensitive data, or software with any license restrictions?

  7. the NetID of anyone that you want to add to the project as an administrator. You can create additional roles later if you need them.

  8. If you have, or anticipate having, any cloud “credits” from the cloud provider to use with this project

  9. Any special information regarding the cloud account or anticipated use

We will coordinate with the DoIT public cloud team to setup the cloud project.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

To use Amazon Mechanical Turk, please contact the CSL to create the account and setup the billing.

Other Cloud Services

To use other cloud services, please contact the CSL