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Printing in the Instructional Labs

Printing in the Instructional Labs

Instructional Printers

Instructional printers are located in room 1358 (the “rockhopper” Linux instructional lab).

Printer Queue

The instructional print queue is named laser. Documents sent to the laser print queue are printed on one of the printers in room 1358.

Instructional Print Quotas

Students enrolled in Computer Sciences classes have a printer quota of 150 print pages per class. The printer quota is reset each semester. If you need more printing for your class, please ask your instructor to notify the CSL to increase your print quota. You can see your print quota and pages printed in the MY CS ACCOUNT web application. To see your print quota on Linux, use the lpquota command.

Printing from a laptop

At this time, printing from a laptop is complicated, and not generally supported for students. Students should print from a CSL supported instuctional Linux or Windows computer.