Computer Systems Lab
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Instructional Facilities

Instructional Facilities

Instructional computing facilities for the Computer Sciences Department are located on the first floor of the Computer Sciences building and are maintained by the Computer Systems Lab. Instructional resources are provided to students registered for Computer Sciences classes in accordance with the needs of the classes, as established by the faculty.


Instructional computing labs are available during regular building hours (currently 7AM - 1AM). The labs are closed when the University is closed.

Instructional Lab Locations and Technical Description

Room Operating System Lab Name Computer Names
1350 Windows 10 Enterprise - 28
1358 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux Rockhopper - 09
1366 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux Royal - 30
1368 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux Snares - 10
1370 Windows 10 Voyager - 28

Instructional Virtual Lab

The Instructional Virtual Lab is a virtual environment in the CSL’s VMware Cloud where you can create virtual machines or groups of virtual machines for coursework that requires more flexibility than the traditional instructional labs.

Instructional Virtual Lab