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About Your Instructional Account

About Your Instructional Account

All students enrolled in Computer Sciences courses for the current semester have a Computer Sciences account with access to Computer Sciences computing resources, web sites and wireless.

This document provides an overview of the services and resources associated with your Computer Sciences Instructional account.

Account Eligibility and Expiration

All students enrolled in Computer Sciences courses for the current semester, and all declared Computer Sciences undergraduate majors and certificate students have a Computer Sciences account. Please note that some courses cross-listed with other departments are not considered “Computer Sciences” courses for account eligibility. Students auditing or not otherwise enrolled in a class are not eligible for an instructional account.

Instructional accounts expire shortly after the start of the next regular semester (excluding summer school) if the student is no longer enrolled in Computer Sciences classes or a declared Computer Sciences undergraduate major or certificate student.


Your Computer Sciences email address is your username Starting with the Fall 2015 semester, all new instructional accounts by default have their email added on to their WiscMail Office 365 account as an alternate address.

Password Changes

You can change your password using the passwd command on Linux workstations, the Windows password change panel, or the Password Change function on the web site.

File Systems and Disk Quotas

Instructional accounts have a Linux home directory in the AFS file system with a storage quota that varies depending on enrolled classes; and a Windows profile on the Windows file server. If your course work requires additional storage, ask your instructor to request additional space.


Instructional accounts have a printing quota of 150 printed pages per enrolled course per semester. If you need additional printing for coursework, please contact the CSL.