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The Computer Systems Lab is the IT support organization of the Computer Sciences Department at UW-Madison.

Our mission is to support the effective, efficient, and secure use of information technology by Computer Sciences students, faculty, and staff in teaching, learning, research, and public service.

CSL Documentation

On this site you may find documentation for the various services that the CSL supports. Please see the sidebar to browse a listing of available help topics or search by keyword.

CSL Projects

Find out more about the projects that the CSL is working on and have recently completed:

CSL News

The CSL is working to support the Computer Sciences Department students, faculty and staff as we return to campus for Fall 2021. Please see below for some information on how the CSL has adjusted our work and services.

Remote Computer Access

CSL Services and Staffing, Fall 2021

CSL professional staff are working both on campus and remotely (individual schedules vary from day to day). If you wish to schedule an appointment with a CSL staff member, either in-person or online, please send email to

CSL student staff will be working on campus, but their schedules also vary, depending on their class schedule and school work needs.

At this time, we can not establish set hours for the CSL service desk in room 2350. Regular hours will be set when the student staff scheudle is more stable.

Contacting the CSL

Please continue to send problem reports and requests for service to This is the best way to contact the CSL, and the best way to request service from the CSL.

Please provide as much information and context as possible in the email, and use a meaningful subject line, so that we can easily identify your request. Please use a “new” request (“new” email message, with a new Subject: line, without the CSL tracking number) for each new or separate request or problem. That allows us to assign the request to the appropriate staff, and track the request.

If you need additional assistance, one of our staff will contact you via email, to arrange an in-person or online meeting or consultation.