To support the effective, efficient, and secure use of Information Technology by Computer Sciences Students, Faculty, and Staff in Teaching, Learning, Research, and Public Service

  • Given recent developments regarding COVID-19, the CSL is providing the following information regarding remote access and instruction:

    Connecting to Linux workstations using RDP

    Connecting to Windows workstations using Remote Desktop

    Remote access for administrative staff

    Instructional Windows remote access

    Instructional Continuity: Ways to keep teaching during disruptions (UW-Madison guidance)

    Posted Wed, 03/11/2020 - 2:19pm
  • As you all know, the UW's response to the COVID-19 includes restrictions on on-campus work.

    Contacting the CSL

    The CSL staff are all working remotely.

    Please continue to send problem reports and requests for service to This is the best way to contact the CSL, and the best way to get service from the CSL. We will be prioritizing service based on the UW's stated priorities during this situation.

    Please provide as much information and context as possible in the email, and use a meaningful subject line, so that we can easily identify your request. Please use a "new" request (new email, with a new Subject: line, without the CSL tracking number) for each new request or problem. That allows us to assign the request to the appropriate staff, and track the request.

    If you need additional assistance, one of our staff will contact you via email, to arrange a phone or video conference.

    Critical Computers

    In accordance with the directives from the UW, essential CSL staff will go to the CS building to reboot critical servers. We can not predict what the response times will be, nor which servers are considered critical, as the situation continues to change. Please be patient, we will let you know the status of your requests as soon as we can.


    It was our plan to place packages in offices for pick-up by the end-users. However, the UW is changing the delivery procedure, and we do not know what the situation will be. We will work with you to get critical packages delivered in a safe manner.

    If you have any questions, please send email to

    Posted Sun, 03/22/2020 - 4:41pm
  • UPDATE: 2020-02-05 13:00: An issue with the firewall has been identified and fixed. This is now resolved.

    We are experiencing transient, intermittent network issues. We have a case open with DoIT and will provide additional updates as soon as we know more.


    Posted Mon, 02/03/2020 - 3:32pm
  • The Computer Science network experienced a brief outage this afternoon.
    Network services were restored by 3:05PM.

    If you are continuing to experience service outages, please contact the CSL by emailing or by calling (608)262-2389.

    Posted Mon, 07/29/2019 - 3:12pm
  • Computer Sciences Network Outage Thursday, December 27 4-8 PM

    Computer Sciences networks will experience intermittent short network outages between 4PM and 8PM on Thursday, December 27. Please plan ahead so that your work is not disrupted.

    This outage is necessary to move Computer Sciences networks to the new campus Palo Alto firewalls, which will provide enhanced security with higher capacity and reduced firewall-related latency.

    This outage was scheduled in coordination with the DoIT Network Services group to minimize impact on CS students, faculty and staff.

    Posted Mon, 12/10/2018 - 4:51pm


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