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GlobalProtect Department VPN

GlobalProtect Department VPN

Students should use the Campus VPN (WiscVPN)

The GlobalProtect CS Department VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service provided by the Campus Division of Information Technology (DoIT). This VPN is similar to the campus VPN service but specifically provides access to Computer Sciences resources. The Department VPN is only available to CS Department employees. Others should use the Campus VPN (WiscVPN)

For security reasons, please consider using a VPN whenever you are on a wireless connection or an unknown or untrusted network. The VPN service provides a secure connection to the Computer Sciences Department networks so you can securely access Computer Sciences services and the Internet at large.

Services that require use of either the Campus or Department VPN when not using Computer Sciences networks (note that the UWNet and eduroam wireless networks are not part of the CS network):

  • Remote Desktop - Remote desktop access to Windows workstations and remote desktop server (instructional Windows workstations are not available via Remote Desktop, students can use the remote desktop server)

  • Remote printing (Note: Requires the CS Department VPN, not the campus VPN)

  • Access to the experimental research network

  • Other Computer Sciences services that require secure access and authentication (as needed)

Accessing the Computer Sciences Department VPN

This VPN service is provided for CS Department employees. NetID login (with multi-factor authentication) is required for VPN access. DoIT maintains documentation for installing and using the VPN software:

WiscVPN - Overview

Whenever the docs reference a “Portal Address”, you must use instead of