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CSL Managed Workstations

Ubuntu Linux workstations have a rich set of applications and libraries provided as part of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Additional Linux software, including both newer and older versions of some applications and libraries, is in /s/package-name. In addition to this, primary users have access to install programs using apt-get on their primary, non instructional, workstations. For shared research servers, additional staff can be granted permission. Please email the lab to request permission.

Windows 10 workstations have many applications installed by default, and additional applications are available for installation on desktop workstations:

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Go to All Programs → Microsoft System Center → Configuration Manager → Software Center.
  3. Select the Available Software Tab. Then select the program you want to install on your workstation.
  4. Click Install Selected.
  5. Most programs will silently install and be available for use in a few minutes.

If you need additional software, or different versions, please send an email to with the details of your request. Please include your user name and the host name of the computer where you want the software installed.

Additional Software and Services

Campus Software Library

The Campus Software Library provides no-charge access to security, productivity, research, and utility software. Installation and license restrictions vary by product.


The CSL has purchased a limited number of Overleaf Standard subscriptions (maximum 10 collaborators/project) for the Department. Faculty and staff who need an Overleaf subscription should send email to to be added. Collaborators on Overleaf projects can use a free Overleaf account.

Cloud Service and Software Licensing Issues

There are several issues to be concerned with when choosing to use software or services that are not already licensed by the University.

Faculty, Staff and Students are not authorized to sign any contract on behalf of the University, including a software or service license and acceptance of the click-through terms of service.

In addition, University policies, regulations, state law and contract terms may impose specific requirements on your use of third-party services with University data, including reseach data.

Please consult the CSL before selecting any third-party software or services for your research or teaching.