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Web Policy

Web Policy

Supported Web Servers - (www, pages, research)

All files and scripts must not interfere with any other user’s usage of the web server. This includes only creating responsible scripts and reasonably sized files. It is essential to not make extremely large files available for download - this ties up the cpu with io wait and decreases server stability. Additionally, it has become evident that World Wide Web servers are among the most popular targets of remote users attempting to gain unauthorized access to computers on the Internet. Methods used in these attacks include exploitation of problems with the servers themselves, improper uploads/edits via unsecured wikis, insecure user scripts, and insecure AFS ACLs. Use of department webservers should comply with applicable UW and CS Department policies regarding appropriate use of computing facilties. This includes but is not limited to:

  • DO NOT use too much cpu to process each script.
  • DO NOT create scripts that attack other processes/ servers/ files/ etc.
  • DO NOT create scripts that violate the security of any process/ server/ file/ other user, etc.
  • DO NOT do anything in violation of CSL Account Policies
  • DO NOT install unsecured wikis (must enforce username/password to edit/upload)

Each department webserver has https available. Because each server is configured differently, please read the SSL documentation for the specific server you are working with to properly use and configure your pages.

Unsupported Web Servers

Users may not install their own web servers on the CSL network, but research projects with special needs should contact the lab in order to coordinate an appropriate solution.