Computer Systems Lab
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CSL Projects

CSL Projects

In addition to on-going support tasks, the CSL undertakes a number of projects for the Computer Sciences Department and the School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences (CDIS). Some projects are directly for specific faculty, some are internal to the CSL or the Department operations.

Recently Completed Projects (Summer/Fall 2020)

  • Research GPU servers specification, purchase and deployment
  • Instructional GPU servers specification, purchase and deployment
  • CSL Website migration
  • Modern web application deployment framework
  • JupyterHub phase 1 (collaboration with CAE and the iSchool)
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS configuration and initial deployment
  • PostgreSQL upgrade
  • Request Tracker (RT) upgrade
  • Zabbix monitoring phase 1
  • Office assignment management application (version 1)
  • Multiple compute server specificaiton, purchase and deployment projects for multiple faculty to meet specific research project needs
  • Building access application (from Physics)

Recently Completed Projects (Spring 2021)

  • JupyterHub phase 2
  • Gradescope licensing (for Spring 2021 term)
  • Hadoop “twitter” cluster hardware and software upgrade
  • Multiple compute server specification, purchase and deployment projects for multiple faculty to meet specific research project needs
  • Remote desktop support improvements for Instructional labs
  • Windows Configuration Manager upgrade
  • Graphics group web experiment application server (initial framework)
  • Support for Theatre and Drama course using CS instructional lab
  • Instructional Laboratory Modernization (ILM) 2021-22 proposals
  • Rootless docker

Current Projects (Fall 2020/Spring 2021)

  • Web hosting migrations
  • CS Department person onboard/offboarding automation project
  • CSL Logistics application suite
  • CSL SAN storage replacement
  • Ubuntu 20.04 upgrades
  • RedHat 6 / CentOS 6 retirement
  • email migration completion (with DoIT)
  • Datacenter network upgrades (with DoIT Network Services)
  • Migrate CSL web forms to modern web apps with more automation and integration
  • DUO Multifactor Authentication for Linux
  • Possible Overleaf licensing
  • Graphics group web experiment application server (ongoing)
  • Automation of bios and firmware updates
  • Gradescope licensing (for Summer/Fall 2021 and future terms)
  • Security monitoring tools for Linux and Windows
  • Web application security scanning
  • CS320 autograder docker/VM environment
  • CS Department internal docs web server (wiki)
  • Migrate course enrollment data source to CAOS
  • Improve student account provisioning/deprovisioning process
  • Instructional Laboratory Modernization (ILM) 2020-21 purchasing and deployment
  • LDAP upgrade and data flow redesign
  • Online/virtual training for new CSL student staff
  • reclaiming TA computers from vacant TA offices (prep for new TA computer allocation plan)

Future Projects

  • vmware upgrade
  • Student Account Management Automation redesign
  • Redesign integration with campus data sources (enrollment, employment, etc)
  • Integration with campus Interoperability project services/infrastructure
  • Hiring application version 2
  • Office assignment application version 2
  • Replace Exam proctoring application
  • autograding infrastructure and tools for CS classes
  • Mailman upgrade