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Remote access instructions for instructional resources

Instructional Remote Desktop Access (Windows)

A Windows remote desktop server has been configured for instructional users to perform work for Computer Sciences classes; instructions to connect follow below.

First: you will need to have a VPN connection configured. You can use either:

Both VPN services require NetID and Duo Multi-Factor authentication.

Once connected to one of the VPN services, run your remote desktop client and connect to The Windows remote desktop client is shown below:

Windows client

Remote Desktop Connection client connecting to

Once given a login prompt, you can login with your Computer Sciences username and password as you would in the instructional labs.

NOTE: Enter your username as login@CS.WISC.EDU Remote Desktop clients often do not pass the domain name correctly to the server when connecting, thus the need to add @CS.WISC.EDU when you login. An example for user bbadger is shown:

bbadger example

Remote Desktop Connection client connecting to as user bbadger

Some clients may show a certificate warning as shown below; in this instance, it is permissible to continue with your connection attempt.

If you encounter connection problems, contact your instructor or the Computer Systems Lab. Be sure to include:

  • Your Computer Sciences user name
  • Whether you are using WiscVPN or the Computer Sciences VPN service
  • The operating system of the computer you are connecting from
  • The remote desktop client name and version (if available) on the computer you are connecting from