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Copier/Printer/Scanner Use

Copier/Printer/Scanner Use

Getting an Access Code on Department Multifunction Printers

See the receptionist in the department office (5351) to get assigned a printer/scanner code.

A copier/scanner code is needed for copying and scanning functions. All users with printer access are able to print from their desktop computers.

Scanning Documents

You can scan multi-page documents to PDF or TIFF formats using the department copier/printer/scanners; single-page documents can also be scanned to JPEG-format images. The copier/scanner will e-mail the resulting scan to you.

  1. Press Scanner (left-side of copier control pad)
  2. Enter your copier/scanner access code; press # when done.
  3. Press Attach Sender's Name (upper-right of touch-pad) to select a From address for your document scan.
    • You must choose a from-address to be able to scan.
    • Use the alphabetic sort letters to find your username. Usernames are programmed to match login names.
    • Press OK when done.
  4. Select the To: field to select who to send the document scan to.
    • Use the alphabetic sort letters to find your username for users programmed on the system; select Manually Input if the user is not listed. Usernames are programmed to match login names.
    • Press OK when done.
  5. You can choose cc: and bcc: fields the same way, if you like. These are not required.
  6. Verify Scan Type (middle-right of touch-pad). The default is PDF, but TIFF and/or JPEG are also available. Press OK to exit this submenu.
  7. Newer copiers can generate full-color scans (Ricoh MP8001, MP4001, MP5001 models); you can select color scan modes under Scan Type.
  8. Check whether you have 1-sided or 2-sided originals (lower-left side of touch-pad). Change using the Original Settings submenu. Be sure to press OK when you are finished.
  9. We recommend you select Attach Subject to put a subject line on your scan message. Otherwise, you might not remember what each individual document is.
    • Select Manual Input
    • Enter your subject line, then press OK
  10. Multi-page documents can be loaded into the document feeder, face-up. Single-page documents can be loaded through the document feeder or on the glass scanning surface under the document feeder.
  11. If you want to change the scan resolution (300dpi by default), go into Scan Settings (far left side of touch-pad) to change it. Again, press Ok to get out of this submenu.
  12. At this time, the green Start button should be illuminated green. Press the button to start your scan.
  13. If you have more documents to scan, repeat as needed.
  14. You will be automatically logged out after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Copying Documents

Copying documents works much like previous copy machines:

  1. Enter your access code
  2. Select copier features you want
  3. Load originals
  4. Start copying

Interrupting large print jobs

You can press the Interrupt button to pause a running print job. We encourage you to have your originals and copy features entered before interrupting any long print jobs.

When the copier interrupts a print job, an existing set will complete (which may be necessary to clear the stapler unit) of all paper before your copy job is processed.

Once the current copy of the print job is finished, the copy job will run. When the copy job is finished, you should press the Interrupt button once more to allow the print job to complete. The interrupt will timeout within 60 seconds of inactivity, if you forget to clear the interrupt, and continue processing any pending print jobs.

If you do NOT use interrupt, your copy job will be scanned, but output will be delayed until after the current print job completes.

Getting help Copying or Scanning

There are multiple options depending on the time of day and how urgent your copy or scan job is:

  • Contact the receptionist in the department office. They are typically available during normal office business hours and handles the following tasks:
    • Setting up access codes for copy/scan functions
    • Refilling paper and supplies if needed
    • Assisting with copier and scanner functions
    • Diagnosing system malfunctions
  • Contact the Computer Systems Lab. Systems Lab staff are typically available during business hours, though a Limited staff response may be available outside those hours. The lab can take care of the following tasks:
    • Discrepancies in any copier documentation
    • Diagnosing system malfunctions
    • Problems with printer queues and printer drivers
  • Call Lanier at 800-333-COPY. This is a free help-line available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. They can help with basic questions about copier and scanner features, day or night. You can use the phone on the fax machine in 5368 to call if you need to utilize this service.