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Undergraduate Major Accounts

Undergraduate Major Accounts

Computer Sciences undergraduate majors receive permanent instructional workstation accounts. Your login is your permanent account as well as your instructional account for Computer Sciences classes. Your accounts will stay open from semester to semester until you graduate or drop your Computer Sciences major status as long as you are registered at the University. After graduating, CS Major accounts automatically turn into Alumni Accounts .

CS Undergradate Majors are automatically subscribed to the ugrads mailing list.

CS Majors List

The Computer Sciences majors list is received from the registrar’s office weekly during the semester; Newly declared Computer Sciences majors can activate their account after we process this data. Please note that there will be a delay between the time you complete the paperwork declaring your major and the time the data is entered into the registrar’s database so that we can retrieve it. Please allow 2 weeks beyond the time you file before asking us about your major declaration status.

CS Majors Account Quotas

CS major student disk quotas are set as needed by the Computing Facilities committee. No additional printing quota is provided for CS majors.

Privacy Of Undergraduate Students’ Files

Please See Instructional Accounts in the Privacy And Confidentiality policy document.