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Graduate Student Accounts

Graduate Student Accounts

All Computer Sciences graduate students admitted to the regular graduate program have a permanent account on the instructional workstations for general use and for Computer Sciences course work. Graduate student accounts remain active as long as the user is a graduate student in the Computer Sciences Department.

Students who leave the graduate program without graduating and wish to retain their account must request a courtesy account from a member of the Computer Sciences Department faculty. Graduating students’ accounts will automatically become Alumni Accounts .

Graduate students are automatically subscribed to the grads mailing list.

Graduate Students’ Account Quotas

Graduate student disk quotas are set as needed by the Computing Facilities committee. Graduate students have an unlimited printing quota and access to all department printers.

Graduate Student Office Computer Accounts

Every graduate student supported by the Computer Sciences Department is provided with an office and a workstation for their use.

The student is designated as the primary user of the workstation and it is considered the student’s home workstation. As the primary user of the workstation, the student can expect that no other users will interfere with his or her use.

Graduate students may not request additional users, resources or configuration changes for their office workstations. Faculty members should request additional accounts or resources needed for research projects.

Graduate Students On Leave

CS graduate students on leave from graduate school will retain an account on the instructional Linux workstations, with a disk quota as set by the Computing Facilities committee.

Privacy of Graduate Student’s Files

Please see Faculty, Research Staff and Graduate Student Accounts in the Privacy And Confidentiality policy document.