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Printing from macOS computers

Printing from macOS Computers

To print from a macOS computer, you will need to use the Department VPN .

  • Install the correct driver .
  • Open your System Preferences and enter the Print and Fax settings.
  • Click the + to add a new printer.
  • Click IP Printer
  • Enter the CSL printer information
    • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    • Address:
    • Queue: Name of the printer you want to use (copier-5, c5-paper, copier-6, etc)
    • Name: Descriptive label for the printer
    • Print Using: Select the driver you installed above for the printer you are adding.
  • Click Add
  • A dialog with driver-specific options appears. If you are installing a printer with advanced options (such as the finisher on copier-5), specify these here. Otherwise these can generally stay at their defaults.
  • Click Continue to finish adding the printer to your system.