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Printing from Linux computers not managed by the CSL

Printing from Linux Computers not managed by the CSL

To print from a computer not managed by the CSL, you will need to use the Department VPN .

Different versions of Linux/UNIX use different printing software. Most use a variant of lpd or cups. Configure the printer you wish to use as a remote lpd printer.

The remote print server is; the URL to use with CUPS by using a URL such as lpd://<em>printer_name</em> where printer_name is the name of the printer you are trying to print to.

Linux users may want to use CUPS to configure driver support and advanced printing features. PPD files for CUPS configuration configured with options installed on our printers can be found in /etc/cups/ppd on any supported linux desktop computer for each printer in the department. Printer Models are listed here . You can also download Windows PostScript driver packages, unpack them, and copy the appropriate PPD file from that driver bundle.