Spring 2017 Instructional Computing Information for Instructors

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 10:26am -- dparter


If you have any special needs for your class, please send mail to lab@cs.wisc.edu with the information. The sooner we have the information, the sooner we will be able to work on your request.


  • New students will be able to activate their accounts on Tuesday, January 17 (the first day of classes). Some student accounts will be created earlier (next week). Students are notified via email to their campus email address with CS account activation instructions.
  • Only students registered for classes will be given an account, disk quota and paper quota. Students who have not yet registered, students "sitting in" on the class, or any other special arrangements by which they are not registered for the class will NOT have an account or any additional resources.
  • There is a delay of at least 1 working day from the time a student registers for a course to the time that the account is ready. This delay is due to the batch nature of data availability from the registration system. Any student who is not yet registered for a course should register as soon as possible.
  • Students with CS accounts from the Spring or Summer semester do not need to re-activate their account. They should login using the same CS username and password from the previous semester.
  • Students who need to activate their account and do not have the email instructions should go to the CSL web site and click the Activate Account link at the top of the page.


Class rosters are produced from our database nightly (starting with our first registration data update next week). The roster for each class will be in the directory /p/course/rosters/csXXX-instructor

There are two files for each section:


XXX is the course number, NNN is the lecture number, and DDD is the discussion number.

The logins file contains a list of login names, one per line.

The roster file contains a list of names, University ID numbers, and login names.

The Access Control List for the directory is "read" for the instructor of the course, and for the instructor's ta afs group (instructor:csXXX-tas). The directories are recreated every night.


  • TAs are NOT automatically added to the -tas groups. See below for how to add TAs to the -tas group.
  • The rosters are not yet populated with students, and will not be until just before the start of classes, when we get the registration data from the registrar's database.


AFS volumes have been created for every instructor teaching a course on our instructional systems this semester (if you already had a course volume for the course you are teaching this semester, we won't touch it).

Your course volume is /p/course/csXXX-loginname (XXX is the course number, loginname is your login name). During the semester, you can also access the course volume as ~csXXX-N (N is the section number).

You have all permissions on your course volume. AFS groups for your students and tas have been created (loginname:csXXX and loginname:csXXX-tas). The class group will be automatically populated with all enrolled students when we process the registration data. You will have to add
your TAs to the ta group by hand.

To add tas to you -tas group, use the "pts" command:

% pts adduser loginname instructor:csXXX-tas

For more information on AFS groups and the pts command, see File Storage on the CSL web site.

If you would like to share course volumes with another section of the class, please send mail to lab@cs.wisc.edu indicating which section you are teaching, and which course volume you want to use instead (the owner of that volume should also agree).