Computer Sciences WIFI service retirement Tuesday June 6, 6PM

Mon, 06/05/2017 - 11:20am -- dparter

The Computer Sciences WIFI service has been retired (as pf 6PM Tuesday, June 6).

The service has beenreplaced by the campus WIFI service (UWNET and EDUROAM).

To use UWNET, authenticate with your campus NetID and password. Visitors can use the guest registration option.

To use EDUROAM, authenticate with your home institution ID and password (for example,

Printing to CS printers from WIFI devices will require use of the CS Department VPN service operated by DoIT. Other than using the VPN, the printing configuration remains the same.

The switch to the campus WIFI service provides students, faculty, staff and visitors with the unified campus WIFI service that is available across campus while reducing cost to the CS department and CSL.