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  • We are again experiencing frequent short network timeouts. The cause has not been identified, but the symptoms are delays in authentication, random pauses in internet applications (browsers and email clients), and possibly random pauses in desktop computers.

    We are continuing to investigate.

    Posted Mon, 05/08/2017 - 10:02am
  • Summary:

    CSL managed RedHat Enterprise Linux computers will be switching to CentOS (a free rebuild of source packages from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux). This is necessary due to the expiration of the RedHat licenses that were donated to us through a partnership between RedHat and the HTCondor project.

    The conversion will take place during the week of May 22. The conversion will not require a reboot. A more detailed schedule will be announced prior to the conversion.

    A kernel upgrade will be scheduled after the completion of the CentOS conversion. This will require a reboot of all managed CentOS (previously RHEL) computers. We expect to do the kernel upgrade the week of May 29.

    More Details:

    RedHat and CentOS:

    For the past several years, the CSL has been providing RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on our managed workstations. This was made possibly by a partnership between RedHat and the HTCondor project. Prior to that, we used CentOS, which is a free rebuild of the open source packages used in the corresponding RedHat Enterprise release. The free licenses are no longer available, so we are switching our RedHat computers to CentOS.

    In our testing, the conversion from RHEL to CentOS has been smooth, with very few user-visible differences. We do expect a few surprises, however, and will do our best to address them as they arise.

    The RHEL licenses (and support, including access to security updates) expire on May 18. That means that we have very little flexibility in scheduling the conversion. We would have preferred to make this change several months before the deadline, but due to staffing issues, that was not possible

    If you have any concerns about the conversion timing, or special situations that we need to be aware of, please send email to and we will work with you to try to mitigate the risk of the conversion.

    Posted Fri, 05/05/2017 - 10:47am
  • One AFS file server is under severe load, causing delays for any user accessing that file server. We are working to identify the cause and restore full service.

    Posted Tue, 03/28/2017 - 2:29pm
  • For the past several days, the CS Network has been subject to random performance issues, which are visible to end users in several ways, including connection timeouts, freezing desktop sessions, and failure to load web pages.

    It is possible that this problem has been occurring for a longer period of time, but now has reached a level where it is more visible with a wider impact.

    We are working to isolate the problem and then fix it.

    UPDATE Wednesday March 8: We have not identified a single cause of the problem, but have identified at least one aspect of the problem, and are working on a reconfiguration to improve the situation.

    Posted Fri, 02/24/2017 - 1:23pm
  • Students enrolled in most Computer Sciences classes are given accounts on the Computer Sciences Department instructional computing labs. Some cross-listed courses, or courses taught by faculty from other departments do not use the Computer Sciences computers.

    Registration data will be processed (accounts created and updated) daily starting Thursday, January 12. There is a delay of at least 1 working day from the time a student registers for a course to the time that the account is ready.

    Continuing Students:

    • Students with a Computer Sciences instructional account from the Fall semester will continue to use the same account for the Spring semester.
    • You do not need to reactivate the account.
    • Unused printing quota from the Fall semester has been removed. New printing quotas for the Spring semester will be added when course registration is processed

    New Computer Sciences Students:

    Students enrolled in Computer Sciences classes who do not already have a Computer Sciences account will receive an email message with instructions to activate their Computer Sciences account. The message will be sent to the students campus email address.

    Students attending classes but not enrolled:

    Students not officially enrolled in a class will not be given a Computer Sciences instructional account or any resources for the class.

    Students not enrolled in CS classes for the Spring semester:

    Students with accounts from the Fall semester who are not enrolled in a class eligible for a Computer Sciences instructional account will have their account deactivated after the start of the semester. A warning message will be sent to the students' campus email address, giving the student time to correct their course registration or preserve their account data.

    Posted Fri, 01/06/2017 - 10:42am


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