Information for research grant proposals

Principal Investigators may find the following information useful for submitting research grant proposals:

Research Computer Services and Facilities

Staff 6 professional staff (full time), 12 student staff (part time)
Data Center 6,930 square feet
Redundant UPS and backup generator power
Redundant cooling
Network 10Gbit backbone, 1Gbit standard network links, 10Gbit ethernet available, redundant 10Gbit connection to campus and regional research networks
Services available include Virtual servers
Linux, Windows and specializes Operating System support
SAN Storage
AFS shared file system
Windows shared file system
Cluster and specialized file systems available
Data storage, archives, and backup/recovery
Database servers
Web servers
Data and Operational Security monitoring and consulting
Configuration management
Desktop computer support and management
Server support and management
Account management
Specialized Network Services and management
Operating system and application consulting
System specification and purchasing
Software licensing