CS Office365 migration and configuration instructions

The CS Department migration to office365 is mostly complete. Instructions are provided below for common client configurations and issues.

Client Recommendations

  • DoIT provides a list of recommended and support clients with set up instructions here: https://kb.wisc.edu/office365/page.php?id=28350
  • Clients available on CSL workstations::
  • Linux:

    • Outlook Web Access (OWA), accessible via http://wiscmail.wisc.edu. OWA is fully supported by both Microsoft and DoIT
    • Thunderbird with IMAP configuration. This is the default configuration for Thunderbird, and many people are using it without significant problems. It is not supported by Microsoft or DoIT. CSL will continue to install and update current versions of Thunderbird on CSL workstations. Instructions for configurating Thunderbird are in the DoIT Office365 Knowledgebase
    • Thunderbird with ExQuilla plugin. We, at this time, do not recommend ExQuilla due to issues that have arisen after recent changes by Microsoft. We have purchased ExQuilla licenses for the cs.wisc.edu email domain. You can use this license on any Thunderbird account with your cs.wisc.edu email address. ExQuilla provides the Exchange protocol for Thunderbird, which some people report works better than IMAP. Others have had more difficulty. ExQuilla keeps a local index of all mail messages; creating this index is very time consuming, and it needs to be stored on local disk, not a shared file system. To use ExQuilla, add the plugin to Thunderbird from the plugin menu
    • Evolution is not recommended


    • Outlook is fully supported by Microsoft and DoIT
    • Outlook Web Access (OWA), accessible via http://wiscmail.wisc.edu. OWA is fully supported by both Microsoft and DoIT
    • Thunderbird with IMAP configuration, with the same caveats as for Linux
    • Thunderbird with ExQuilla plugin, with the same caveats as for Linux
  • Other clients and platforms: Please see the DoIT documentation for macOS and mobile clients: Office 365 - Set up your mobile device or desktop client

Useful Links


  • The following IMAP settings have reported working for service accounts without setting a password for the service account:
    Email: [email]@cs.wisc.edu
    IMAP server: outlook.office365.com
    Port: 993
    IMAP connection security: SSL/TLS
    SMTP server: smtp.office365.com
    Port: 587
    SMTP connection security: STARTTLS
    Username for IMAP: [netid]@wisc.edu\[email]_cs
    Username for SMTP: [netid]@wisc.edu
    Password: [your netid password]
    For example:
    Email: bucky@cs.wisc.edu
    Username for IMAP: bbadger@wisc.edu\bucky_cs
  • The following IMAP settings have reported working for service accounts in the andoid outlook app:
    Email and Username settings as above.
    IMAP - outlook.office365.com:993
    SMTP - smtp.office365.com:587
  • You can create a forward on a Service Account using an Inbox Rule if the "Forwarding" option is not available to you.
    Log on to OWA using your NetID on wiscmail.wisc.edu and choose the service account. First, add the address you want to forward to as a contact under People. Then go to Options in OWA, Mail->Automatic Processing->Inbox Rules and create a new rule called "Forward all messages". For the condition choose "Apply to all messages". For "Do all of the following" you will want to choose "Forward, redirect, or send"-> and choose either forward if you want it to appears as if you forwarded it on via the forward button in a mail client or redirect if you want it to forward the message unchanged. Pick your gmail address contact you made from "Select people...". Click OK and the rule should now be in place. These rules are applied server side and will happen regardless of whether you are logged in to OWA or not much like our Sieve rules you could set up previously.

Migrations to Office 365 for CS email accounts are now open to CS faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Please review this guide before starting your migration, as the process is not simple, and there are several items you need to be aware of before, during and after your migration.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with the migration, please contact lab@cs.wisc.edu.

Migration to office365 (mostly complete)

The CS Department migration to office365 is mostly complete.

Migration overview:

  1. You will initiate your email migration using the DoIT “WiscMail” web site
  2. When you migrate, you will have the option to also migrate your campus “WiscMail” email at the same time, if it has not already been migrated.
  3. You can choose to consolidate (merge) your CS and WiscMail mailboxes, or continue with separate mailboxes.
    NOTE: If you keep your CS and WiscMail mailboxes separate and use a mail client other than Outlook or OWA (Outlook Web Access, via a web browser), you will need to set the password on your CS email account at the DoIT Help Desk. There is also an alternate authentication method available which has had some success. See below.
  4. After starting the migration, new mail will be delivered to the appropriate Office365 mailbox.
  5. Your existing mail folders will be migrated to the Office365 mailbox, in a folder hierarchy named for the originating mailbox (i.e., username@cs.wisc.edu) with the newest mail migrating first.
  6. DO NOT CHANGE ANY MIGRATED FOLDERS or MESSAGES until you receive the “migration complete” mail message for that originating mailbox.

Preparing for the migration:

  1. DoIT has provided directions that will assist you as you begin your migration: https://kb.wisc.edu/page.php?id=41377 (the documentation assumes that you are migrating from WiscMail or WiscMail Plus).
  2. When you migrate, you will have the option to consolidate your WiscMail and CS mailboxes, or leave them as separate mailboxes. There are advantages to each option, depending on how you manage your email, personal preference and work requirements. If you consolidate, you can choose which email address is the primary email address for the mailbox.
  3. If you choose to consolidate your mailboxes and currently are forwarding WiscMail to your CS email, you will need to remove the forward before migrating to prevent a mail delivery loop.

Starting the migration:

  1. Visit the WiscMail Administration Page
  2. You should see your WiscMail account listed at the top of the page, and your CS (and possibly other email accounts eligible for migration) listed under “accounts”
  3. Start with your cs.wisc.edu email address
    1. Select “Office 365” on the left menu
    2. Select the second menu item “Make Or Approve Requests To Consolidate Email Accounts”
    3. In the middle of the page, select if the account will be consolidated with your WiscMail account or remain separate (“a service account” in DoIT/Office365 terminology)
    4. There are no other account preparation steps for the cs.wisc.edu email account (you do not need to check the mailbox size or select a primary address).
  4. Return to the WiscMail Administration Page
  5. Start the account preparation for your WiscMail account.
    1. If you are consolidating accounts, approve the consolidation request when given the option
    2. When done with the WiscMail account preparation, use the menu on the left to “Initiate Transition” of your WiscMail account
  6. If you did not choose to consolidate your accounts, Return to the WiscMail Administration Page
    1. Select your cs.wisc.edu email account
    2. Use the menu on the left to “Initiate Transition” of your cs.wisc.edu email

NOTE: If you have already migrated your WiscMail to Office 365, you will have to contact the CSL to initiate your CS email migration to Office 365. Please send email to lab@cs.wisc.edu with a date and time between Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM that you would like your migration to begin and we will do our best to accommodate it. We will send notification to both your CS email and WiscMail address upon start of migration.

Migration Process

  1. Webmail will be locked out of your CS email account until the migration is completed (IMAP clients will still connect, PLEASE DON'T USE YOUR IMAP MAIL DURING THE MIGRATION
  2. You will be able to configure and use your Office365 account within 60 minutes of starting the migration. New email will begin arriving in your Office 365 account immediately.
  3. Migrated mail will be placed in a folder hierarchy under inside the new office365 mailbox, separate from any new mail that arrives during the migration process. The top-level folder of the migrated mail is named for the migrated mailbox, e.g, bbadger@wisc.edu for WiscMail and buckyb@cs.wisc.edu for CS email.
  4. Please wait for the completion notice for each mailbox that is being migrated before moving messages and folders in Office 365. Your newest mail from the CS mail server will be moved first, followed by older messages. Most email migrations complete within one day. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a more accurate estimate of completion time as the completion time seems to vary widely and is not necessarily dependent on size of mailbox or number of messages.

After Migration:

  1. You will receive an email notification that the migration has been completed
  2. Some messages cannot be copied to Office365. You will receive an email at the end of the migration process informing you which folders contain these messages on the CS mail server. Your CS email account will be unlocked so that you can view the messages that did not get copied. You may choose to attempt to manually copy them to Office 365, save them as files, delete them or ignore them. Access to the CS mail server will be terminated when all the migrations are complete.. If a significant number of messages could not be migrated, the CSL will be notified and you will receive an email notification that your migration requires manual intervention. We will work with DoIT to address the issues as quickly as possible and to complete your migration.