About the CSL

CSL Quick Facts

6 Full-time Staff
12 Undergraduate students

Computers Supported:
Desktop workstations: 350
Instructional lab workstations: 200
Servers/Infrastructure: 125
Cluster nodes: 400
Other research computers: 70

AFS File Storage:
Home directories: 30 TB
Project space: 200 TB
Online backups: 120 TB
CSL: 100 TB
Total: 450 TB

Additional Storage
Dedicated Storage: 500TB

Each day: ~500 GB
Total covered: 40 TB

Operating Systems:
Ubuntu and CentOS Linux
Windows 10

The Computer Systems Lab (CSL) operates and maintains the computer facilities of the Computer Sciences Department at UW-Madison. We are responsible for software and hardware support and maintenance, upgrades and distribution of equipment. By leveraging computer support for a large number of users, we are able to provide first-class support at a reasonable cost.

Contact Us

email: lab@cs.wisc.edu
The best way to contact the CSL is via email. All email sent to lab@cs.wisc.edu is entered in our request tracking system. This assures that we have your complete information, and the problem or service request description in your own words, without transcription error. You will receive an acknowledgment with a tracking number in the Subject: line, in square backets. Once a request ticket has been created, please reply to the ticket with the Subject: line intact for all correspondence on that issue. New requests should be sent as new mail (without the tracking number) to create a new ticket, which can be assigned to the appropriate staff.

Please do NOT include your password in any email message -- we do not need your password for any reason.

When sending mail to request service, please provide appropriate background information for the request, including your name, Computer Sciences user name, the workstation you are using, what class or research project this is for (if applicable), and any other relevant background or context information so that we better evaluate your request or problem report.

Phone: 608-262-2389
If email is not a practical option, please call the CSL at 608-262-2389. We will attempt to answer your question or route your call. In many cases, we will ask you to submit the details via email, when practical.
Walk-in Service Desk: Room 2350 Computer Sciences
You can visit the CSL Service Desk in room 2350 Computer Sciences during regular business hours. As with a phone call, we will attempt to answer your question, and in many cases will ask you to submit the details via email, when practical. Some issues are best handled in person, when you can demonstrate the problem for our staff. For these issues, we may ask you to come to the Service Desk for assistance.

Computer Systems Lab Staff

The Computer Systems Lab has six professional staff (full time), and 10-12 student hourly staff, working 15-20 hours per week. For information about student hourly positions, please send email to csl-jobs@cs.wisc.edu.