Spring 2017 CS Instructional Computing Information for Students

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 10:42am -- dparter

Students enrolled in most Computer Sciences classes are given accounts on the Computer Sciences Department instructional computing labs. Some cross-listed courses, or courses taught by faculty from other departments do not use the Computer Sciences computers.

Registration data will be processed (accounts created and updated) daily starting Thursday, January 12. There is a delay of at least 1 working day from the time a student registers for a course to the time that the account is ready.

Continuing Students:

  • Students with a Computer Sciences instructional account from the Fall semester will continue to use the same account for the Spring semester.
  • You do not need to reactivate the account.
  • Unused printing quota from the Fall semester has been removed. New printing quotas for the Spring semester will be added when course registration is processed

New Computer Sciences Students:

Students enrolled in Computer Sciences classes who do not already have a Computer Sciences account will receive an email message with instructions to activate their Computer Sciences account. The message will be sent to the students campus email address.

Students attending classes but not enrolled:

Students not officially enrolled in a class will not be given a Computer Sciences instructional account or any resources for the class.

Students not enrolled in CS classes for the Spring semester:

Students with accounts from the Fall semester who are not enrolled in a class eligible for a Computer Sciences instructional account will have their account deactivated after the start of the semester. A warning message will be sent to the students' campus email address, giving the student time to correct their course registration or preserve their account data.